Sushi Entrees

with Miso Soup or House Salad

9 pcs of assorted sushi and california or tuna roll
Assorted sashimi
*Domo Sushi
2 pcs each tuna, salmon yellowtail and green envy roll
Vegetable Sushi
7 pcs of assorted vegetable sushi and 1 avocado, cucumber roll
*Sushi and Sashimi
5 pcs sushi and 8 pcs sashimi and spring 's roll
*Sushi For 2
18 pcs sushi and 2 special rolls
*Sushi and Sashimi For 2
10 pcs sushi, 16 pcs sashimi and 2 special rolls
Assorted fish over seasonal rice
*Don Choice
Tekka or salmon, or yellowtail or eel
*Omakase (Chief Daily Special) $55.00